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Operator Certification
Application Form
Fill out the form below to complete this operator certification.
Thank you for your interest in our certification program.
The information required below is based on commonly asked questions by customers as well as necessary certification information required to receive our endorsement. Please allow sufficient time for us to review and verify your information once this form has been submitted.

Applications with incomplete or missing information will be rejected.

Section I: Your Information

Enter your contact and location information below.
(your website URL is not required)

1. Company Name  
2. Contact Name  
3. Primary Telephone  
4. Alternate Telephone  
5. Email Adress  
6. Address  
7. City  
8. State  
9. Zip Code  
10. Country  
11. Website URL  

Section II: FAA Information

List your FAA information and operating certificates here.
Include Type and Year issued.

Type Certificate
(part 133, 135, etc.)
Year Issued

Section III: Primary Aircraft Owned or Leased

List your primary aircraft operated here.
This list should include any aircraft you own or lease.

i.e: 'Bell'
i.e: '206 B3'
Registration #
i.e: 'N99999'
Number of
External Load
Capacity (lbs)
at sea level

Section IV: Accidents in the Last 10 Years

This information pertains to accidents within the last 10 years.
Provide thorough and complete information regarding accidents from within the past 10 years.
Leave this blank if not applicable (no accidents).

Year Type
Description of Loss (250 chars max) Fatalities

Section V: Insurance Coverage

Your insurance information must be completed accurately as it will be verified.
Each of these fields must be filled in with specific and complete information.
Applications with vague or incomplete insurance information will be rejected.
This information is required to verify insurance.

1. Liability Coverage Limit  
2. Certificate Issuing Agency  
3. Expiration Date (M/D/Y)  
4. Agent's Name  
5. Agent's Phone Number  

Section VI: Company History and Information

This information pertains to your company and history.
Visitors of the site will be able to see your 'Company Description' and 'Primary Work Performed'.

1. Years in Operation  
2. Primary Work Performed  
3. Your Company Description   What information or slogan would you like customers and others to see associated with your company if listed on the Operator Certification page? This short description will be read by visitors of the site and potential customers who may wish to contact you directly.

Section VII: Primary Work Type References

This information is often required by customers as part of the approval process when adding your company to their vendors list. Please list up to 3 references for the primary type(s) of work you do most often.

Type Work Description
Company Name
Contact Name
Phone Number

Section VIII: Approvals

Please list any Oil, Gas, Powerline, or Government Agencies companies for which you are already approved with. If you are not approved with at least 3 entities you must fill out the pilot experience section IV below.

1. Entity Names   List each company or agency by name.

Section IV: Pilot Experience

If you did NOT list at least 3 entities in section VIII above (Approvals), please complete the following pilot questionaire for up to 3 pilots. Otherwise you may skip this section.

Pilot Name Flight Hours Accidents with fatalities
in the last 7 years
US Government certifications

Incomplete applications will be ignored.

The information entered above will be reviewed for accuracy, verified and approved by our Client Liason Coordinator. Once approved for this program you will be issued a certificate ID and online seal which will be included with any bids you submit to customers. Customers will have access to the information provided in this form if and when you submit a bid to them. By clicking Submit Application you agree to these terms.