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Commercial Helicopter Job C-11644
Posted March 23, 2020
Job Type Construction / Materials
Job Location ALL OVER US
Estimated Duration ON GOING
Job Description
Provided by Customer
Helicopter Resource Associates (helicopterresourceassociates.com) is a helicopter marketing company owned by Chris Darst. Our website explains what I do. I have agreements and contracts today with 12 major construction companies in many different categories of helicopter assisted construction, exploration etc., who have contracted with me to find them “qualified” helicopter operators for their projects. These contracts with Helicopter Resource Associates circumvent portals or vendor lists these companies may also have. We are currently responsible for approximately 5000 hours per year of contracted helicopter use. Additionally, after 52 years in this business and 15,000 hours of helicopter time, I have a data base of over 3000 companies who use helicopters almost every year and half of that is “every year”. Over the years I have been Director of Marketing for several of what is today some of the largest helicopter operators out there. Today that gives me additionally 150-200 calls per year from past customers requesting a helicopter for various uses.
At this point in time I have decided to retire and spend more time with my grandchildren than my computer. My data base and records are now for sale. They are way to extensive to talk about here, however, if you are a helicopter operator just starting out and want to shortcut 15 years or more of building clients or your Chief Pilot or Director of Operations are not fulfilling your marketing needs, call me and we can discuss your situation, needs and interest. If you have someone who can use a telephone that also has a good knowledge of today’s helicopters and the needs of the companies who use helicopters for construction etc., I can supply all the missing helicopter customer information for you to start receiving job requests immediately. I seriously don’t think anyone in this industry has a data base with this many actual current users of helicopters. I can also offer other services and information not discussed here.
I have offices located in Grand Junction, Colorado and Cody, Wyoming and can also meet with you in person if necessary. My website may also offer additional information. If you are interested in this offer do not place a bid on this site. Please email me at chrisdarst@aol.com and include your phone # and company name along with your location. I will call or email you back to talk about the offer and pricing. Thanks for your response...........

Chris Darst
Helicopter Resource Associates

Chris Darst
970.596.6445 chrisdarst@aol.com www.helicopterresourceassociates.com
Job Description
Provided by Customer
Helicopter Resource Associates (helicopterresource.... (more)
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